Terms & Conditions

Product Quality

Colours of products may appear different due to variations in browsers, operating systems, hardware (display) and contrast/brightness settings. We try our best to ensure colours depicted are as close to the actual product as possible. We do this by using strobe lighting that simulate sunlight.

We check our products prior to mailing to ensure to the best of our ability that it is free from defects. At times, this may be missed out but we will ensure the best experiences possible for the exchange procedures.

Our items may come in measurement variations of up to 1 inch.


Care of Products

Always check through your brand new items thoroughly prior to washing for defects of any nature.

Please do not soak your items for the first couple of washes if you want to prevent colour bleed.

When possible, always wash the brand new items separately by hand washing in low temperature water to prevent colour bleeding and shrinking.



Backorders will be opened for selected sold out items until all slots are filled.

Arrival time for the backordered items may differ and will be stated under the respective products’ pages and through social media updates.

In rare occasions, there may be delayed or cancelled backorders due to unforeseen circumstances. For delayed backorders, cancellations of orders are not applicable. As for cancelled backorders, balloons will be issued accordingly. There will strictly not be any cash refunds. If you are not comfortable with this, we recommend that you do not backorder item on the Site.


Purchase & Payment

Do check the details of your purchase before checking out (e.g. size and colour of item). Jean’s Heart will not be able to amend your orders once it is confirmed.

Kindly ensure the full and correct address is stated. Entering an incomplete or incorrect address may result in complications like lost or delayed mailed.

Please ensure all required information are submitted during the payment process to avoid possible delays during shipping.

If you have a discount code, please ensure to input the code before checking out in order for discount to be valid. No refunds will be made for orders where discount codes are not entered at point of purchase.



Jean’s Heart (S) Pte Ltd will not be held liable for lost-in-mail scenarios where normal postage is chosen.

For this reason, Registered/Courier mail is always strongly recommended to avoid complications.